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Customice - a brand of Serbia Tour Operator

As one of the leading DMC in Serbia and the Balkans, Serbia Tour Operator focuses on the operation of a wide range of leisure and business activities within the region. The primary goal of our in-office experts is learning about our clients’ needs and elevating their traveling experience, whether that is leisure traveling or for business purposes. Beside our well-known partners, we work closely with exceptional local suppliers, which results in the creation of unique and authentic experiences, ones that cannot be found outside of the Balkans.

What we offer?

Let us take care of your Balkan visit!

Balkan Tours​

Multi-day tours that will take you to the most beautiful and scenic destinations through Balkan countries.

10 days/9 nights

Balkan Essentials - 10 days

• Feel the welcoming vibe of Belgrade
• Visit Kotor, Europe's unmissable town
• Walk down the famous Bridge on Drina
• Observe stunning Plitvice Lakes
14 days/13 nights

Balkan Extended

• Learn about The Serbian Athens
• Climb the splendid Old Bridge in Mostar
• Observe Slovenia's water castle - Otočec
• Delve into pearl of Croatia's beauty - Istria
14 days/13 nights

Hidden Balkan - 7 countries

• Enjoy the view from the Nostalgia train
• Indulge in Bosnian delicacies
• Enjoy the sandy beaches in Budva
• Feel the unique Albanian spirit in Shkodër